Each subscriber has to pay a membership worth Rs.9,999/- annually, this is an upfront entry charge, which is later refunded to the subscriber in the form of coupons. You get Rs.9,999/- worth of coupon codes on sales of 2,00,000/- in two quarter’s.

This fee gets you access to the exclusive trade prices that the network has to offer, an order management system that helps you keep track of your order history; store your print files; reorder with a click of a button, and download files at a later date.

and of course, the best quality print has to offer. Anywhere and Everywhere.

This entry barrier has been designed to ensure smooth functioning for you. We try to weed out nonserious business prospects that would impact demand and supply.

We want to work with people who have a growth mindset and understand the need of a digital landscape for the print industry.